Who We Are?

Why we picked Hoboken?

Hoboken boasts some incredible history. Did you know that the first ever baseball game played was actually in Hoboken?. How about the Mile-Square Town being the birthplace of Frank Sinatra? All in all Hoboken has some serious material to brag about.

However a fewer people will remember that a large parcel of Hoboken’s waterfront was associated with coffee . The waterfront in Hoboken was previously occupied by a major Maxwell House Coffee Plant. Once the largest producer of coffee in the world, the plant dominated Hoboken’s skyline. Its presence was so significant that back than the aroma of roasting coffee beans could be smelled throughout the city, and even today if you pass by the viaduct on the North Side you can still smell the fresh coffee aroma in the air!

Jefferson’s Coffee-Storm of the Century

It was the end of 2012.  when Sandy hit Hoboken some businesses had to shut down their doors permanently! The devastation was big! faced without power, no staff and financial sources to keep them going small businesses were hit the hardest!

One area  hit hard the most was the north side of Hoboken. The North region was under water for days. It’s during that time when owner’s of Jefferson’s Coffee first laid an eye on 1000 Jefferson Street and they spotted the corner store across from Shoprite -which was underwater completely-. Persistence never stopped them with a little help from family, friends and a film producer named Sean who lived in the Water Music Studios across from the future coffee shop  they rented the commercial space and they started renovating it! The devastation was big it took them a year to build the place! Finally on March 2015 Jefferson’s Coffee opened its doors and began serving single-origin, freshest cup of coffee and if you don’t know ask Hobokenites ! but how did they succeeded? Well, It wasn’t a coincidence… started long time ago!


Coffee has been in Jefferson’s family since 1880’s. It’s been said that the many times grandfather of Jefferson’s took a big a role on the opening  of the first coffee shop in Constantinople around 1555.  To this day with some interruptions -due to wars and exile-  Jefferson’s family sourced single-origin, fair-trade coffee direct from farms where they have cultivated direct relationships with the farmers. Then they expertly roast the beans to bring out their unique characteristics. Your tastebuds will know the difference.

Our slogan tells it all : Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Good Coffee…